How did the spiel actually go?

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Underwear Researcher.

Oh, you’re conducting research on underwear? Come on in! What do you need us to do?

I just need to see your kid try on a few pairs of underwear, then I’m gonna take some measurements of your nearly-naked child.

Oh, okay, then. Come here, little Janey. Mr…?


Mr. Hawkins, this is my daughter Janey.

Hi, Janey. I’m Ken. How old are you?

Oh, she’s shy. She’s eight. So what’s this research?

Oh, well, I just need to check the fit, take some measurements, and take note of the brand label. It’ll take, oh, about ten or fifteen minutes, then when I’m done, I’ll hand you twenty dollars cash.

Sweet, twenty bucks just for that? Sure…

The forgoing is my attempt to understand exactly how Ken Hawkins’s sick and disturbing stunt actually worked. At least twice.

While at the house of an eight-year-old girl, he instructed her to try on several pair of underwear while he took notes.

Hawkins then took several measurements of the victim while she wore only the underwear.

Prosecutors said Hawkins also ran his fingers around the waistband and looked at the rear of the panties to check out the labels.

After the victim tried on the underwear, Hawkins gave them a bank envelope with $20 and then left.

Prosecutors said Hawkins then returned home, where he would fantasize about the experience and masturbate.

In another incident, Hawkins met two children and their mother at a high school and took the children into a locker room.

This is obviously sick and disturbing behavior, as I’ve already mentioned. What’s even more frightening is the ignorance of the parents who allowed this man to handle their children. Did no alarm bells go off? The article doesn’t state whether he’s a stranger to these families or not, but even still – how many people get to see your child naked after the age of, say, three or four? Five at the most. After that, most kids have begun to realize that stripping down to nothing after an hour in Aunt Sue’s swimming pool at the 4th of July party is something to be done in private. Even most close family members don’t get to see as much as Hawkins did with twenty dollars in his pocket.

What is wrong with these parents? At least someone finally notified the authorities.

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