About this blog

Why I started a new blog…

Because that’s just what this world needs, right? One more person going on and on in a forum that no more than maybe five people will visit…

Okay, I’m not really looking for traffic. I just need a place to vent about the crazy stuff I see in the world, the stuff that caused John Watson to build the Asylum in the first place.

Who the hell is John Watson?

Egads! Where have you been? Maybe you know him as Wonko the Sane? Ah, yes, I see you nodding… you’ve got it now. Wait, what? You over there – you’ve not heard of Wonko the Sane?

All I can say is pick up a copy of So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, by Douglas Adams. You probably should pick up the other four novels in the trilogy as well. Douglas Adams was the greatest thinker of our time, and the fact that he no longer walks this planet is a tragedy. I’m awaiting his second coming.

One more thing… (for now)

If you’ve already hit the “About me” page, well, first let me say thanks for sticking around after that novel. But I want to talk a little about what you learned there.

This blog is not about me being an atheist. But the material that finds its way here will be here because I find it inane or asinine. And a lot of things I find asinine tend to be the same things fellow atheists and freethinkers find asinine. So I wanted to make it clear from the beginning where I’m coming from, where I’ve been, and how I got here.

If later posts require a similar statement, that will get posted, too.

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