Turns out, the American Civil Liberties Union is ANTI-AMERICAN!

The ACLU filed a complaint last month against an elementary school in Indianapolis because a student’s mother reported that the school is allowing religious education on school property, violating the constitutional separation of church and state. School officials claim the school does not support the religious education classes in any way other than allowing students time to attend. That’s the article in a nutshell. I don’t know all the facts, just what each party stipulates in the article, but if the ACLU’s facts are in order, I am in agreement with the complaint.

What I want to talk about are some of the comments in the article from narrow-minded people who believe that separation of church and state is actually some form of religious persecution. Some of the responses are dismissive of alternative beliefs; some are just plain hateful.

I’m going to cut & paste the most offensive/ignorant ones, without response to each one. My response to all of them can be summed up by saying that this is a country founded on religious freedom, which includes freedom from religion. A secular government impartial to each religion is the ideal, which is why public institutions should not support any one over the other. This is why the ten commandments should not be displayed in courtrooms – U.S. law should reign there, not some ancient text that isn’t even wholly reflected in contemporary law. Non-preferential treatment for any group creates (or rather, should create) equal civil liberties for all groups. The ACLU does not seek to eradicate Christianity or any other religion from America. It actually seeks to preserve the rights of all groups to have equal footing, even if they do not have equal numbers. That is why even allowing time for a religion class while a student is being educated with government dollars is unacceptable, and that’s not even the meat of what the ACLU is seeking to change in this case.

So please, before assuming that this is an attack on your god or your faith or whatever, consider that you are still free to practice in whatever mode you choose (as long as others and the rights of others are unharmed in the process). The ACLU is not looking to close down any churches. Open your mind and consider the needs/desires of everyone before stepping all over their rights.

Which is worse…Using taxpayer money to “advance religion” or tying up taxpayer supported courts with lawsuits?

It’s voluntary. If you don’t want your kid to hear it, DON’T SIGN THEM UP. It’s just like a TV program or a radio show, if you don’t want to see it or hear it, don’t watch or listen.

How stupid to send another lawsuit to an overcrowded court docket.

Problem is, the only kids that will get signed up are the ones who probably already go to church.

Could you cite for me in the Constitution “separation of church and state?”

The Constitution says that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. That means the United States won’t have a National Church. It doesn’t say we can’t talk about it.

OK people, just because one doesn’t believe or wants to promote any religion doesn’t mean it is not necessary for those same people to understand what is expected from them to live in this country. Has this woman not looked at ALL of the constitution of the united states or its declaration of independence? The concepts for how our country is to work is framed in religious definitions – that work for everyone if everyone understands the concepts and or spirit of what those words mean. This country is constantly bogged down in litigation because everyone wants free speech – just to talk. Well, that free speech was given to you by individuals who started this country with the belief that we answer to a higher being – whatever higher being someone wants to believe in – not mankind (that means that if you don’t believe in a higher being that you are not the person to be answered to to feel comfortable). You can move to another country that OPERATES the same way that you feel.

Really, a lawsuit over God (religion class)? We wonder why our country is in such trouble, this is just rediculous. How could a person even think about a lawsuit against God (which is what this basically is)? Looks like someone is looking for their 15min of fame – hope it was worth it! GOD IS LOVE

I for one say that the ACLU is an anti american group of lawyers that are causing more problems in this great country than we need. If they don’t like what the majority of the people do or the religious actions and activities that they are involved in. Then its high time that the ACLU step back and let the majority rule. After all we are still (I think) a country founded on Democratic ideals.