Well, it was a night for the monsters to play

Susan Nagel, of Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, decided to turn the tables on the ghouls that showed up at her door, and refused candy to children who either support Obama, or whose parents suppot Obama.

It seems clear this woman is motivated by hatred of her candidate’s opponent, not any true desire to ensure her candidate receives support. Seriously, what could she hope to gain by targeting children?

Yes, yes – it’s her right to give out her candy to whomever she pleases. Presumably, she bought it with her own hard-earned cash. Fine. Whatever. But she’s not teaching the kids who come to her door any lessons. First of all, an educated guess would assume that 99% of them aren’t eligible to vote, and won’t be for the next 4 to 14 years. So she’s not making any impact at the polls.

Second, she’s certainly not offering these kids any grass-is-greener potions, is she? I mean, the ones who are affected at all are going to remember this nasty Republican woman, and want nothing to do with her kind.

She makes a nice little effort, though – hadning out McCain/Palin pamphlets, although only with the candy she gives to the good little ghosts and goblins. What a waste of paper, right?

She’s playing dirty – although she’s more than likely acting independently, she’s following in the well-worn McCain trail: dirty tricks and mean-spirited tactics. This was not a night for political positioning. These poor kids, whether they have an opinion on the election or not (and if they do, a majority of them probably only hold their parents’ opinion), are only out for a bit of candy and night with their friends and family.

It is of note that the story linked here, deriding Ms. Nagel, is a Fox affiliate. Even they don’t approve of how low she stooped. That should say something right there.