Where Science Meets Spirituality?

I love Twitter. It’s how I stay connected to the world and the people (famous or otherwise) whose activities I care about. I even got to have a brief conversation with Carl Zimmer (@carlzimmer) one day about the validity of semicolons. Now I double-guess my usage every time I try to join two related sentences/ideas thanks to him, but where else could I speak about something so mundane with someone so respectable?

But Twitter has its flaws, too. Well, Twitter users have their flaws, I suppose I should say, and they use the Twitter machine unfairly. Many spam artists rely on the twitters who, desperate for a veneer of popularity, play the “I’ll-follow-you-if-you-follow-me” game. So they follow a person, expecting reciprocation, and thus the ability to flood that person’s feed with commercials for their product.

I tend to block these types of followers rather quickly; their following me doesn’t mean I see anything they have to say (I’d have to follow them for that to happen), but I feel dirty just being associated with them. This morning, though, I got a follower who appears to be trying to hoodwink the PTB at the asylum to let him out. He has grossly underestimated them, but I’m sure many inmates will be convinced. Here’s what I saw in my followers list this morning:

Human Design book HumanDesignBook

So I click over to the profile, and see:

  • Human Design – where science meets spirituality about 13 hours ago from web (latest tweet)
  • Bio HUMAN DESIGN: Discover The Person You Were Born To Be, published by Harper Collins May 2009

So I click on the link provided. Here’s the synopsis of the book:

‘Forget your sign, what’s your design?’

Would you like to know whether you are on the right path in life?

Would you like to know how to attract the ideal people to you, both professionally and personally?

Would you like to know who you really are?

More accurate and detailed than astrology, Human Design is a revolutionary new system that is changing people’s lives around the world. Using the date, time and location of your birth it reveals the person you were born to be and life you were meant to lead.

Chetan Parkyn, a veteran practitioner of Human Design, has made it his mission to bring this remarkable system to the world. Here he presents the first book of its kind on Human Design. Along with the free software available on this website, this book gives you everything you need to map your own life — a ‘design for life’ as unique as your fingerprint.

In a simple-to-use guide, Human Design shows you how to:

• Understand your personality quirks and make better decisions in life

• Find out who you best interact with to help you find your ideal partner and succeed at work

• Identify the personal and professional environments in which you excel

• Discover your creative capabilities, talents and potential

With this book you can discover the true inner workings of your personality blueprint, and those of your friends and family.

Prepare to meet the REAL you … it will change your life for ever.

This appears to be self-help, astrology and reflexology all thrown into a pot and stirred into a steaming pile of three-shit soup. No thanks.

Where is the science? Just exactly how does the date/place/time of my birth have anything to do with how my body’s designed? Would it matter if I was born in the jungles of Africa, to parents from Moscow, and raised on a Canadian tundra? What drives the difference between the randomness of the Human Design Book’s system and astrology’s? No, I’m not going to buy the book to find the answers. I’m not sending good money to this person’s pockets. If this is real science, point me to the peer-reviewed journal where laboratory data is published.

And finally, I’m not sure the claim of attracting the ideal people to you is all that believable when you clearly need to refine the searches that are providing your to-follow lists on Twitter. I’d say I’m not so much an ideal person for you, professionaly or personally.

Block engaged.


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