Wait, huh?

New press release from the Catholic League today, in which Bill Donohue declares a Ramadan event honoring Iranian President Ahmadinejad “obscene.” Donohue says:

“Catholics need to stand with their Jewish brothers and sisters in protesting this obscene event. Ahmadinejad is a menace to freedom-loving people the world over, and the sight of religious groups embracing him is nauseating. The Catholic League is proud to take part in this rally and we encourage people of all religious groups to have a contingent represent them on Thursday evening.”

Hmmm… well, as scary as it is, I’m inclined to agree with the threat-to-freedom part. But, hey, Bill…? What about the threat to freedom that Catholicism and all religion in general pose? Weren’t you just screaming, purple-faced and pop-eyed about the great intolerance of PZ Myers’ own demonstration of protestation? If you’re going to rant about your right to respect from others, maybe you should observe this right for others. You don’t get the monopoly on respect from people. You have to practice giving it, too.

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