Healing Lunatics?

Kofi Sammy of Ghana has been healing folks with sand, thanks to a vision of Jesus – who, incidentally, “had long hair and was a very nice person.” I’m pretty sure it’s only going to be a matter of time before a new healer will need to pop up to cure Sammy’s followers:

While this may sound bizarre, thousands of hungry-for-miracle Christians in Ghana are literally eating, drinking, smearing and some even injecting the clay-sand into their stomachs by putting it into an enema bag and administering it through the anus.

I’m no doctor, but I can’t imagine a small sandbox in the tummy is biologically sound.

Perhaps the most ironic statement in the whole piece is this:

The prophet said he had cured many lunatics who were brought to him after all efforts to cure them had proven futile…

So, that just leaves one to wonder – when will Kofi Sammy be using this miracle clay on himself? It seems to me he’s creating more lunacy than he’s curing.


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